Why Fit In When You Were Born to STAND OUT!!
The single most effective way to DOMINATE YOUR NICHE
  • We enable our clients to dominate their niche using the power of digital magazines and our unique relationship building and promotional techniques.
  • ​We give our clients a proprietary customer loyalty program that retains customers and provides referrals.
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As a guaranteed outcome you will know what you can do to:
  • Become top of mind, an acknowledged expert in your field, a peer of influencers, a respected and trusted advisor
  • ​Create fresh and interesting content your customers/tribe will love
  • Stay top of mind of your customers and create raving fans and referrals
  • ​​Increase your audience and leads
  • ​STAND OUT from your competitors
STANDOUT Marketing Magazine
with articles like:
  • Why Selling doesn't SELL!!
  • The Return on Relationship in YOUR Business
  • How to STAND OUT online.
  • ​Speak Up and STAND OUT!
For the first time EVER in the one publication, featuring interviews with:
Neil Patel
Rand Fishkin
Ted Rubin
There are 150 million small businesses in the world.  
What can you do to STAND OUT?
Are you trying to lift sales or build credibility of your existing business?  
Do you want your customers to think of you for your services and constantly refer?
Are you an independent consultant, contractor or entrepreneur looking to lift your profile?  
We have a special sauce that can absolutely put your business on rocket fuel.
Work with us.  What we have can absolutely work for you!
About Us
From her decades of experience in working in the publishing industry, Robyn Gipters knew the power of magazines and what it takes for them to perform for their sponsors.  Robyn is now taking that medium online for businesses and individuals to take advantage of all the benefits.  She has made it more easy and affordable then ever for businesses to publish their own magazines in a niche they wish to dominate.

You may have heard that the days are numbered for all forms of printed media.  Well that is not entirely true.  By taking magazines online you can take advantage of all sorts of unique opportunities in one vehicle that other forms of marketing cannot.
  • Viewable on all platforms including mobile, but also physically if you desire
  • Positions the editor-in-chief as a peer of any contributor - the more influential the contributor the more influential the editor
  • This can be the game changer very few of your opposition are taking advantage of currently
  • ​Much more visually appealing than almost any other form of content
  • ​Provides material that the reader wants to read instead of what the marketer wants to sell
  • ​Can be updated easily or remain evergreen
  • ​Become the central pillar of your marketing strategy with dozens of individual pieces of content that can be repurposed on any platform
  • ​Provides the ever impressive 'thud' factor
  • ​Can include video content
  • ​If your business published a magazine wouldn't you be considered a thought leader in your niche?
  • ​Who doesn't love flipping through a magazine?
We are always open for new opportunities and our friendly staff are here to help.
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"The focus, clarity and momentum we have in the business now is simply remarkable. In fact we have been so inundated with new business we have paused our new business marketing momentarily."
Travis Hinchy
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